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Camera Quality: Autofocus Makes Things Better

Nokia Lumia 710 Review: Windows Phone 7 On A Budget

Outdoors, Daytime, No Autofocus

The 710's camera presents us with mixed results. From the outset, pictures come out with too little exposure, and the results looks more dull than what we've seen from mainstream tablets like Motorola's Xoom Family Edition.

What we really like, however, is the autofocus feature. If you depress the shutter key slightly, the 710 adjusts its focus like a point-and-shoot camera. The results are pretty darned good, too. Just anticipate that it takes one or two seconds for the feature to work its magic before you try using it to capture a quick snapshot.

Outdoors, Daytime, Autofocus

Outdoors, Daytime, Autofocus, Max Zoom

At distance, pictures still turn out grainy, even with the autofocus. This is a natural artifact of digital zoom, though (as opposed to optical zoom, which employs optics to bring the subject closer).

Outdoors, Daytime, Autofocus, Macro

Fortunately, macro shots turn out surprisingly good.

Outdoors, Nightime, Autofocus

At night, lens flare becomes an issue if you're shooting bright lights. As expected from a budget-oriented camera, you don't get a super-fast shutter. And, in the picture to the far-right, you see the result as a blur when a car drives into the frame.

Outdoors, Nightime, Macro

No FlashNo FlashFlash with AutofocusFlash with AutofocusFlash with No AutofocusFlash with No Autofocus

Macro shots continue looking good at night paired with autofocus. The flash isn't that strong, though, and the camera doesn't compensate for lighting particularly well. So, it ends up looking like you're using a flashlight to illuminate your subject.


AutofocusAutofocusNo AutofocusNo AutofocusFlash with AutofocusFlash with Autofocus

While well-lit pictures come out well enough, if you're using the flash, vignetting becomes more prominent.

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