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Benchmark Results: Recharge

External Battery Roundup: Stay Away From The Wall Socket
Charge Time, HH:MM Stock Adapter Dell 30 W Adapter Dell 65 W Adapter Lenovo 65 W Adapter Lenovo 90 W Adapter
Amstron MedXP 1404:50----
Amstron MedXP 3006:45----
Brunton Impelgreater than 10 hours----
Brunton Sustain6:00----
Digipower Universal Notebook BatteryN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Electrovaya PowerPad 130--3:303:303:30
Electrovaya PowerPad 95--3:153:453:15
Energizer XP180002:30----
Enirgizer XP80002:35----
Lenmar PPU916-4:004:004:004:00
PowerTraveller MiniGorilla4:30----
PowerTraveller PowerGorilla4:55----
Tekkeon MP3450i3:30----
Tekkeon MP34503:30----
Tekkeon MP3750-4:40bent pin, unable to test

We set up a camera to record a time-lapsed video using a five minute shutter interval, and our results are a bit surprising.

Not only does the XP18000 give you the most battery life per pound, but it also charges the fastest.

Remember, charging times are a double-edged sword. Ideally, you want a nice slow charge so that your battery lasts more than a few hundred cycles. Fast charge times get you back away from the wall socket faster. But in the long run, they cut down on the health of the battery.

Brunton implements the most conservative charging scheme, but this solution may make more sense if you are considering pairing it with one of the company's solar panels for a trickle charge.

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