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External Battery Roundup: Stay Away From The Wall Socket

Unless the vendor specifically says it supports your notebook, you should double-check with tech support before your purchase. If you have a business notebook from HP, Dell, or Lenovo, you are pretty much in the clear, but we recommend that you check anyway. Some companies are better than others at maintaining a compatibility list. Others don’t publish a compatibility list at all, or only choose to include a list with the product.

There is a fast way to check compatibility. Look up a replacement power adapter with Google. The adapter should be compatible with multiple models. So long as one of the systems matches up to the compatibility lists maintained by each batter vendor, you should be good to go.

So that you don’t have to hunt down compatibility info, we've assembled a list for you to check against. Keep in mind that even if your model isn't listed or confirmed, any external battery will work if it outputs the correct voltage and has a plug that fits.

Amstron: There is a compatibility guide listed on the company’s home page. Amstron also includes a rather extensive compatibility list with its batteries: scanned PDF.

Brunton: There is no current compatibility list published either on the Web site or included with its products. Please contact the company to verify your notebook model.

Digipower: Only the older EBP-NB44 is listed as a current product on the company’s Web site. EBP-NB60 is not listed. Digipower only includes a limited compatibility list with its new battery: scanned PDF.

Electrovaya: The company maintains a current list of supported notebooks. Because tips are a separate purchase, the company encourages customers to contact it before purchase.

Energizer: This is the only brand that maintains a “free tips” service. You get two free tips per year, but you still have to pay for shipping ($3.95 per shipment). XPal maintains one of the most exhaustive databases and even compiles a list on eReader, GPS, and tablet compatibility.

Lenmar: Even though it is fairly out of date, Lenmar publishes a compatibility list on its Web site. We did notice that none of the new Vostros are listed. Seems about one generation behind.

PowerTraveller: The company hosts an online compatibility guide, but it is about half a generation out of date in some areas. Again, the new Vostros aren’t listed. It still is a more comprehensive list than Lenmar’s.

Tekkeon: Provides a fairly detailed compatibility table.

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