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Brunton Sustain And Impel

External Battery Roundup: Stay Away From The Wall Socket

If you are an avid outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman), than you are already familiar with Bruton. It sells a lot of its camping products through REI. But the company also makes solar- and battery-based products. If you want a battery specifically designed for use outdoors, Bruton’s Sustain and Impel are the way to go. Both are encased in a thick shell of ABS and rubberized plastic.

These are the only batteries in our roundup that are water resistant. For all other batteries in our roundup, water will void your warranty. This doesn’t mean you take a Bruton battery underwater, but it does mean exposure to rainwater, white water rafting, and occasional splashes at the beach are all permissible. Because water may cause a short circuit, the company provides a pin to reset the tripped circuit.


Each battery comes with a charger, output cable, and seven tips. Notice that one of the tips is on a slightly longer extension. This cable is used specifically for Dell notebooks that use the PA-12 charger. Just plug a tip into the output cable, connect it to the battery, hook it up to a notebook, and press the On button (default state is off). While there is a degree of overvolt protection, these batteries do not use sense resistors. You must correctly select the right voltage or you could potentially harm your notebook.

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