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Digipower Universal Notebook Battery (EBP-NB60)

External Battery Roundup: Stay Away From The Wall Socket

Digipower's Universal Notebook Battery was a bit hard to track down for several reasons. Digipower is a brand of Mizco Electronics, and our inquiries to the company initially went unanswered. To expedite the process, we pulled this unit from Amazon. As a roundup, this story should reflect the full range of available buying options.

Unfortunately, our initial battery pack turned out to be a dud after one week into testing, which we chalked up to an anomaly. We tried to contact Digipower directly, but there is no phone number listed on its Web site. Furthermore, we submitted multiple messages via the company's comment form that went unanswered.

After tracking down the parent company's head office, we ran into even more issues. We were informed that Digipower wasn't interested in press (whoops) because its products weren't intended for the US market. Instead, it sells into overseas markets like China. The representative promptly informed us that she would hang up within three seconds and requested no further contact. As we were trying to explain our situation, we heard an immediate click. Subsequent efforts to contact the company were unsuccessful.

As a result, we can't really say if we ran into a bad batch from Digipower, or if the company's products are simply as terrible as its customer service. We did try another unit from Amazon, but ran into the same issues. According to a user-based Amazon review, we aren't the only ones experiencing problems with Digipower's Universal Notebook Battery. It just doesn't hold a charge at all beyond the one-week mark.

Unfortunately for Digipower, not only is it actually selling products in the United States, but we're also a global organization reviewing hardware for multiple countries. We take issues with the company's belief that it can ignore press. Good products are good products and bad products are bad products. Until we experience otherwise, this is a bad product supported by a manufacturer that seems to know it's selling garbage.

For the purposes of our quantitative measurements, we're excluding the results of this product due to the limited number of available test runs before it ceased working entirely. This is really unfortunate. The build quality of the aluminum shell is actually pretty good: solid, durable, and with smooth lines. The only thing we didn't like was the On/Off button, which seems to stick and has little to no tactile feedback.

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