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Test Results

Part 2: Four More Gaming Enclosures Under $50

Rosewill edges out NZXT in temperatures, thanks to its inclusion of two additional fans. The small difference between these similar cases appears to indicate that intake fans offer little benefit in temperatures, though the LED on Rosewill’s model does add a bit of show to an otherwise ordinary-looking case.

SilverStone had the highest temperatures and lowest noise levels, showing us the tradeoff between cooling and noise. Extra fans push the Challenger to third place in noise, with its intake fan (not present on competing models) positioned closest to the sound meter.

This is where AreoCool’s “cool” ventilated side panel hurts it most. Tiny differences in full system noise levels between low-fan and high-fan modes prove that the shell does little to contain CPU and GPU noise. Remember that underneath the skin, the VX-R uses a design similar to the PS05B.

Our “Acoustic Efficiency” calculations use the average noise level for all cases and the average temperature for all cases as baselines for comparison. Dividing the baseline temperature by each case’s measured temperature gives it a higher percentage score for lower temperatures, while dividing each case’s measured noise level from the baseline gives the noisiest cases a higher “penalty” percentage.

Comparing temperatures to noise puts Rosewill back in the lead, with the NZXT Gamma close behind.

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