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NZXT Gamma

Part 2: Four More Gaming Enclosures Under $50

NZXT responded to our inquiry with its $40 Gamma. While we’re sure that a few of our readers might have preferred a slightly more elaborately-equipped NZXT model, the firm chose a well-ventilated, low-cost model in a likely bid for a value win.

A little stiffer and heavier than the AeroCool case covered on previous pages, the Gamma adds dual fan mounts to its ventilated side panel. Other design attributes include front-panel ports that are mounted towards the middle of its face, appealing to users who prefer to put their desktop computers on top of a desk.

That front panel comes with a bonus eSATA port, adding some extra value to today’s lowest-cost case.

NZXT even adds a little value to the rear of its Gamma by installing grommets in its external liquid cooling tubing holes. Located above the case's 120 mm exhaust fans, readers will have to look closely to distinguish these black-on-black parts.

The top panel is able to hold the builder’s choice of 120 mm or 140 mm fans, though the design of the case doesn’t leave enough room to stack a liquid cooling radiator and its fans internally. The side panel also supports up to two additional fans at 120 mm, 92 mm, or 80 mm.

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