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Inside The Gamma

Part 2: Four More Gaming Enclosures Under $50

Many builders insist on painted interiors, and NZXT responds with a black finish on top of bare steel. A chip in the paint near one of the mounting holes reveals that the underlying metal is neither galvanized nor aluminized.

NZXT provides a cooler support plate access hole behind the CPU socket of most motherboards, along with several slots for easier cable management. Keeping cost low does require a few sacrifices, however, such as the omission of screw-free drive clips for external bays.

That’s not to say that all drives must be screwed down. A five-bay drive cage uses sliding rails, rather than screws, to ease 3.5” hard drive insertion and removal.

The front of the Gamma is boxed-in enough to provide moderate stiffness in spite of the case’s thin material, and supports an additional 120 mm intake fan. The two 3.5” external drive bays above the intake fan are blocked by the Gamma’s plastic face plate, though internal drives (hard drives) can still be mounted there.

The Gamma’s inset slot panel and replaceable slot covers, both standard on older high-end cases, are a prized find in the sub-$50 price class. Owners who change card configurations occasionally are most likely to appreciate these features, and they're certainly more valuable than a certain competitor’s fan controller to this editor. Then again, this editor uses motherboard-based fan control.

NZXT even adds a removable dust filter to the bottom of its Gamma case, below the intake fan of many power supplies.

A close examination of its hidden features makes the Gamma appear a little more complete than some of its “fancier” competitors.

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