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Inside The Challenger

Part 2: Four More Gaming Enclosures Under $50

Similarities between Rosewill’s Challenger and the NZXT Gamma continue to the interior, where we find that all of the steel panels are identical. Rosewill adds the drive clips missing from the Gamma, and also throws in a 2.5”-to-3.5” drive bay adapter to enable SSD mounting.

By now it should be obvious that Rosewill and NZXT get these competing case models from the same supplier. But just in case you’re not convinced yet, a look at the removable dust filter for a power supply’s intake fan might help change your mind.

Rosewill’s Challenger even keeps the traditional slot panel and replaceable covers previously praised in the NZXT Gamma. Rosewill uses black screws, however, as opposed to NZXT’s chrome screws.

Dual exhaust fans on the Rosewill Challenger replace the single rear fan found on the Gamma, but with fewer connection options. The top fan is 4-pin-only, the rear fan is 3-pin-only, and Rosewill doesn’t include any adapters.

Rosewill adds an LED-lighted front fan to the Challenger, in contrast to NZXT’s empty fan mount. As with its top fan, the intake accepts only 4-pin power connectors.

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