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Benchmark Results: DOM And Peacekeeper

Web Browser Grand Prix 2: The Top 5 Tested And Ranked

Mozilla Dromaeo DOM

Opera places first in the Dromaeo DOM test. Scoring a solid 300 runs per second higher than Safari, though not far enough ahead to appear invalid. Chrome closely trails Apple's browser and beats Mozilla by a few hundred runs per second. Internet Explorer is again dead last, with a score of just over one hundred.

Futuremark Peacekeeper

Opera 10.60 blazes through the Peacekeeper test, earning a score of nearly 4300--the first browser to pass the 4000 mark on this test system. Chrome comes in second, just shy of 4000. Safari 5 finishes in a distant third, while Firefox only scores 2000. As usual, Internet Explorer has a pitiful showing, with a score of just over 500, one-eighth of Opera's score.

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