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Benchmark Results: Flash

Web Browser Grand Prix 2: The Top 5 Tested And Ranked

Like the new HTML5 benchmarks in GUIMark 2, the Flash tests have also received an upgrade. The new Flash benchmark also sports three separate tests for vector, bitmap, and text, though no single-pixel variant is needed for vector.

GUIMark 2 Flash: Vector Charting

Safari manages to top this round, with Internet Explorer and Opera closely in tow. Firefox and Chrome place fourth and fifth, trailing the others by two frames per second.

GUIMark 2 Flash: Bitmap Gaming

Opera has the slightest frame rate advantage over Firefox and Internet Explorer in Flash bitmap gaming. Safari comes in fourth, while Chrome again picks up the rear.

GUIMark 2 Flash: Text Columns

IE8 finally pulls off a victory, beating second-place finisher Opera by a fraction of a frame. Firefox and Safari are close behind, with Chrome yet again lagging behind the pack.

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