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Benchmark Results: JavaScript

Web Browser Grand Prix 2: Running The Linux Circuit

Google V8 Benchmark v5

As always, Google places first in its V8 benchmark. But this time it's 200 ms behind the browser's Windows 7 score. Opera earns a close second, just 350 points behind Chrome. At over 2100 points in Ubuntu, Opera comes very close to its Windows 7 score of 2210. Firefox flounders in third with fewer than 200 points, almost half of what Mozilla's browser received in Windows.


In the JSBenchmark, Opera 10.60 finally achieves a solid victory over its arch-rival for speed, Google Chrome. The Norwegian browser gets a score just under 300, while Chrome only bags 233 points. However, Chrome's Windows 7 score is still the highest in this benchmark (about 100 points higher than its second-place Ubuntu finish). Firefox earns just over 90 points, thirty less than in Windows 7.

Mozilla Dromaeo JavaScript

Remember that the we have replaced Opera's original Windows 7 score of almost 2000 with an updated score after Mozilla applied fixes to Dromaeo that prevent JavaScript engines from 'gaming' the benchmark.

Unlike in Windows 7, Opera for Linux did not give a ridiculous result in the Dromaeo JavaScript Benchmark, even before the fixes were enabled by Mozilla.

Barely edging out Google Chrome by four points, Opera on Ubuntu still can't match Chrome's Windows 7 score of 290. Mozilla Firefox again comes in last, only managing half of what it earned in Windows 7.

SunSpider v0.9.1

In an unanticipated upset, Opera wins a majority of the JavaScript benchmarks, taking the category from Google Chrome. The SunSpider results for Ubuntu closely mirror the Windows scores, with Opera having a minor edge over Chrome in both OSes (though the Windows 7 scores are better in both cases). Firefox is yet again the distant third-place finisher. Mozilla's Web browser gets a shocking 4200 points, much worse than its 1500 in Windows 7.

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