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Performance Benchmarks: HTML5 Hardware Acceleration And WebGL

Web Browser Grand Prix 5: Opera 11.50, Firefox 5, And Chrome 12

HTML5 Hardware Acceleration

Psychedelic Browsing

First-place finisher Firefox 5 manages to slide past IE9 in Microsoft's own Psychedelic Browsing benchmark. Far behind in third place is Chrome with a score of only 24 points. Opera and Safari take fourth and fifth, with scores of 13 and 8, respectively.

Hardware Acceleration Stress Test

Firefox 5 again ties with IE9 for first place in Mozilla's Hardware Acceleration Stress Test, both earning the maximum score of 60+ frames per second. Chrome barely comes in third at 19 FPS, with Opera closely following at 18 FPS. Safari flounders in last place with a score of only four frames per second.

The slight edge in HTML5 hardware acceleration goes to Firefox 5 over IE9.

Khronos Particles

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are in a near-tie for first place with scores of 59.2 FPS and 58.9 FPS, respectively.

WebGL Aquarium

Chrome 12 hits 60 frames per second in the WebGL Aquarium demo, while Firefox 5 only manages to reach 32 FPS.

Google's Web browser appears to handle WebGL measurably better than Mozilla's.

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