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Benchmark Results: DiRT 3, Battlefield 3, And Metro 2033

Origin PC Eon11-S: Great Gaming Performance From A Tiny Notebook?

None of the notebooks we've had in our lab lately ran at a native 1366x768 resolution. So, we simply added settings to the Eon11-S' suite through an external display, giving us plenty of data for creating valid comparisons. 

The panel's maximum 1366x768 is represented by a dark grey bar underneath some of the other resolutions we have on-hand from past configurations.

Lucid’s HyperFormance graphics technology helps the Eon11-S in DiRT 3, pushing average frame rate from a marginal 33.2 FPS to a slightly smoother 37.3 FPS at the Ultra quality preset using the panel’s native resolution.

Battlefield 3's graphics demands result in much greater performance variability on mid-range mobile platforms, so we're starting with the Medium detail preset in an effort to be realistic. Although HyperFormance still appears to help, the difference between 55.1 and 52.5 average frames per second were not noticeable when we actually played the game.

Again, mindful of the Eon11-S’s native resolution, we found the High graphics quality preset to be the limit of what a GeForce GT 650M can handle in Metro 2033. HyperFormance helps, and we’re happy to report that the technology’s former artifact issues were gone.

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