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Benchmark Results: Productivity

Origin PC Eon11-S: Great Gaming Performance From A Tiny Notebook?

Adobe Photoshop mirrors what we saw from the threaded video encoding benchmarks on the previous page, demonstrating marginal performance differences between the cheaper Core i7-3700-series and higher-end -3800-series processors.

The performance spread gets wider under 3ds Max, far exceeding the 3% clock rate difference between each of our CPUs. The larger delta likely points, in part, to the Core i7-3720QM's smaller cache, though it could also be due to slightly less system memory operating at a lower data rate.

Our file compression suite, consisting of three different applications, gets us back to a marginal spread between the platforms we're comparing.

ABBYY FineReader confirms our repeated observation, that the Core i7-3720QM is nearly as powerful as the Core i7-3820QM.

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