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P67 Extreme4 UEFI

P67 Motherboard Roundup: Nine $150-200 Boards

While a few of its competitors have used the Extensible Firmware Interface as an excuse to beautify or otherwise complicate settings, ASRock’s simplified menu structure makes it easy for old-timers to find everything. Though it supports a mouse, connecting one is not required.

The only annoying inconvenience is that one must select “manual” from one menu before making an actual adjustment in the menu beneath it. Such is the case for the CPU ratio, power protection, and BCLK controls above, as well as DRAM timing controls below.

XMP settings didn’t work properly using firmware M1.20A, as both profiles set the memory ratio to that of DDR3-1600. Manually setting the DDR3-2132 ratio allowed us to test the board’s capabilities however, and ASRock promises a fix for the missing XMP ratio adjustment in future BIOS releases.

A few voltage settings have gotten new names, but function as they did with previous-generation processors to allow high overclocks. That is, so long as the processor is an unlocked K-series and you don’t find its 57x multiplier to be a significant limitation.

Also retained from previous-generation BIOS menus are the three user-profile settings at the bottom of the P67 Extreme4’s overclocking menu.

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