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P8P67 Pro UEFI

P67 Motherboard Roundup: Nine $150-200 Boards

UEFI gives Asus’ AI Tweaker menu a new face, which is accessed by mouse-clicking the Advanced Mode button on a main menu that seems to be designed to discourage the uninitiated. Modifications are relatively easy once the advanced menu has been exposed.

Base clock is amazingly flexible within the chipset’s narrow range of stability, thanks to settings in increments of 0.1 MHz.

An AI Overclocker option of “By XMP” set our RAM to the appropriate voltage, timings, and multiplier for its DDR3-2133 rating, and further adjustments to the base clock and memory multiplier are still possible in conjunction with this setting.

Voltage adjustments can be keyed-in from a single setting, without the need to “enable” adjustment separately.

A wide number of memory timings are available for custom tuning, and an automatic setting for each timing allows users to alter only those of which they are most familiar.

Extra-high power and current settings allow most overclockers to easily overcome the protection mechanism built into Intel’s latest processors. A separate menu allows all settings to be stored for future use as one of eight user profiles.

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