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P67 Motherboard Roundup: Nine $150-200 Boards

ECS' UEFI gave us the most competitive overclocking experience we’ve ever had with one of the company's products, though a few teething problems are still present in this version. We hope to see a fully-patched version very soon.

The first problem we found was that some of the settings were mislabeled. DIMM voltage controls the CPU core, and we believe that CPU core voltage controls the DIMMs. This mix-up is also reflected in a DIMM voltage reading that doesn’t correspond to anything realistic. Overclocking adjustments were easy after we got to the root of this problem.

Our next problem was again one of naming, but only because it forces you to convert numbers in your head. Rather than write its base clock in MHz with a decimal point, ECS chooses a 10 kHz scale.

Most P67 motherboard firmware has a hold-up time for turbo multipliers, but ECS’ appears to go up to nearly nine hours. Perhaps this is a millisecond scale?

Timing controls are extremely limited, but do work. Setting the main M.I.B. X menu to an XMP profile overrides these, and there are no individual or global controls to revert to “automatic” mode.

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