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Scattered Buttons For Firmware Updates

Paying The Price For High-End Fan Control

Users can update the fan controller firmware themselves. To do so, Innovatek includes the FOM3_Loader.exe tool. Prior to executing the update it is absolutely imperative that you close the control software, or else you won't be able to access the Fan-O-Matic. After you launch the update tool each time, you have to select the COM port again as the setting is not saved.

The COM port must be selected after each update.

The update program does not get top marks for intuitive user guidance. A welcome addition here would be an assistant to guide the user through the individual steps. Instead, the button for loading the update file is located on the bottom right, while the button for writing the new firmware is on the top left. Once the update procedure is finished, the firmware must be launched manually.

Just before the firmware update process

The update is running...
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