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This Locomotive Needs Propulsion!

Take The Train: Lian Li PC-CK101, Built, Tested, And...Driven?

Obviously, the only thing missing from the case now is its optional motor. Lian Li offers a model called PC-CK101L that includes a motor kit and longer track. I could hardly wait to get the little accessory installed; truly, the ability to move is what takes this chassis over the edge. To reward myself for the challenging assembly and component experimentation that went into this little locomotive, I took it, the tracks, any my family to an outdoor train museum, which provided plenty of photo opportunities (and helped me get in the good graces of my wife, who feels neglected when I write a review).

After a number of delays caused by snow, holiday scheduling, and rain, we made our pilgrimage, even though it was still drizzling. I hope you enjoy the pictures and video, whether you're a hardcore railroad buff or not.

Lian Li PC-CK101 on tour

But I'm jumping ahead of myself. First, I had to get the motor kit installed, which presented its own hurdles. Let's have a look at how a stationary locomotive chassis turns into an almost-wireless train set.

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