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Creative Gigaworks T3

Bringing Home The Bass: 2.1-Channel Speaker Roundup

As the originator the iconic Sound Blaster brand, Creative needs no introduction to PC users. The company has been producing PC speaker systems for years, and offers a number of notable products. The Gigaworks T3 is its premium offering in the 2.1 speaker arena and can be purchased for $249.99 on The speakers come with a one-year warranty.

The Gigaworks T3 is the most compact satellite/subwoofer combo in our roundup. Each satellite holds a single 2” full-range driver, and most of its 5.9" x 3.0" x 3.7" size is taken up by space between the bottom of the stand and the speaker.

Despite the relatively small 8.4" x 9.3" x 11.3" subwoofer enclosure, it contains three times the number of bass drivers of any other option in our roundup. That’s right, the Gigaworks T3 comes with three 6.5” subwoofer drivers. Total subwoofer power is rated at 80 W and each satellite is rated at 15 W each for a total of 110 W. This might sound relatively low, but Creative lists nominal, not peak, power output.

This speaker system comes with a 1/8" stereo mini-to-RCA splitter cable and a wired remote. The satellites have built-in speaker cables with RCA-style connectors, which are convenient, but somewhat difficult to customize.

The remote is simple, yet functional. The entire top half is a volume knob with a nice, heavy feel. It also features well-placed headphone and auxiliary input jacks. All of the $250 options in the roundup offer a remote, a feature that we find very convenient when desk placement doesn’t allow for easy access to controls located on satellite enclosures.

The rear of the subwoofer houses the RCA-style input. As mentioned, there is a 1/8” auxiliary input jack on the remote.

While the remote offers easy access to the volume control, the bass level control is not very accessible, located on the back of the subwoofer. This is poor placement for any user input, especially on a product with a premium price tag.

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