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Benchmark Results: Trancoding

Meet Zosma: AMD's Quad-Core Phenom II X4 960T Gets Unlocked

Because iTunes isn’t threaded, we wouldn’t expect it to show the six-core Phenom II X4 960T any advantage over the quad-core version. Indeed, it doesn’t. And the 960T’s relatively low base clock rate also relegates it to last place. With that said, this CPU is Turbo CORE-enabled. And while we don’t know whether the official top speed will be 3.3 or 3.4 GHz, we saw our sample hitting 3.4 GHz via a 17x multiplier during testing. Clearly, unless you're overclocking, the 960T is going to leave you wanting in single-threaded apps.

MainConcept is much more appreciative of additional processing resources. Here we see the last-place X4 960T being catapulted ahead of the Core i7-930 after being unlocked. In this case, the 3 GHz unlocked CPU falls just behind the 3.2 GHz Phenom II X6 1090T.

Similarly, HandBrake shows that jumping from four cores to six makes a huge difference in media transcoding applications. While AMD’s 1090T jumps ahead of Intel’s $1,000 Core i7-975 Extreme, the six-core 960T falls one step behind -975.

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