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Benchmark Results: Productivity

Meet Zosma: AMD's Quad-Core Phenom II X4 960T Gets Unlocked

3ds Max is threaded, so jumping from four to six cores yields a fairly significant speed-up in rendering performance. The performance gain isn’t as pronounced here as it was in the transcoding tests, but it’s still enough to put the six-core Phenom II X4 960T in front of Intel’s Core i5-750.

We’ve made a concerted effort to transistion much of our 2010 test suite to threaded software, recognizing that single-core CPUs and single-task workloads are a thing of the past. These threaded Photoshop filters prove the value of a six-core CPU. And even though the Zosma design doesn’t jump to the top of our chart, just the difference between the stock four-core configuration and our unlocked processor should be enough to convince content creators to either consider outright buying a six-core chip or to consider core unlocking.

Although AMD’s processors bring up the back of the pack in WinRAR, the addition of two cores is enough to move our Phenom II X4 960T from last place to in front of the Deneb-based X4 965 Black Edition.

Our last productivity-oriented test shows our six-core sample again jumping up in front of AMD’s Phenom II X4 965, tying the Core i7-920 and 930 processors in our 7-Zip compression routine.

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