Photo Printers: Canon S900 and S9000

S900 And S9000: Speed

Standard Tests

In case you were in doubt, the S900 cannot be considered a general purpose printer. If you measure its times against those of desktop printers, it hardly compares with devices that are under $150 - it costs three times as much! There is one notable point, though: the S900 is very slow in black and white, but it is fairly fast in color. This implies that it has been optimized for this mode, which our photo tests confirmed.

Photo Tests

A 10 x 15 cm photo printed in 4 minutes 40 seconds on the S800. The S900 is a lot faster, and only takes 94 seconds! It can even rival the fastest ones around, such as the brand new Canon S520 and S750, which replace the S500 and S630, respectively.

We also tested the S9000 in A3 border-free mode. Our test photo was printed out in less than eight minutes.

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  • PissedOff
    Yes! Excellent page Tom - but now tell use how to fix the sucker. I've done all the ink pad clean out and resetting routines - all to no avail. The orange light keeps steadily to it's seven blink routine. I've had the head off - replaced it after repeating the resets - still the seven orange blinking lights. ANY THOUGHTS AT ALL ON THIS OVERWHELMINGLY SOUGHT AFTER REPAIR SUBJECT?