Portable, Plug & Play, High-Performance Water Cooling: The Corsair Hydrocool200

German-Engineered Water Cooling: Innovaset R3M

The German manufacturer Innovatek's Innovaset R3M is a complete water cooling set based on a classic design (Eheim pump and water capacity reservoir, 120 radiator with fan and an aluminum heat sink with a copper core).

The complete system configured as we tested it in the laboratory.

The top of the water block.

The underside of the water block shows significant signs of use.

The fan in this water cooling system can be run at either 12 volts (2100 rpm) or 8 volts (1400 rpm), and the noise level of the unit varies accordingly, between 50.3 dB(A) and 43.8 dB(A).

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