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Results: Network And USB Performance

Six Battery-Powered Wireless Storage Devices, Reviewed
By , Achim Roos

Network Performance

When the Voyager Air plugs into an Ethernet network, it wins sequential read and write benchmark hands-down. At 31 MB/s, it even serves as a respectable NAS appliance.

Connected wirelessly, Corsair's drive is still second-fastest in our write test, though it falls to third place in reads. Kingston's MobileLite snags the second-place spot by achieving 5.1 MB/s. Seagate finishes last at 2.5 MB/s (for reads) and 2.6 MB/s (for writes).

The PQI drives and SanDisk's Connect Wireless Flash Drive do not support the SMB protocol, so CrystalDiskMark is unable to generate results for them.

USB Performance

When you pit USB 2.0- and USB 3.0-based drives against each other, the outcome is pretty obvious. The three devices equipped with USB 3.0 connectivity, Seagate's Wireless Plus, PQI's Air Bank, and Corsair's Voyager Air, achieve almost identical results. Kingston's MobileLite Wireless and PQI's Air Drive offer typical USB 2.0-limited performance. Only the Wireless Flash Drive seems stuck somewhere under the interface's practical ceiling, particularly in our write benchmark.

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