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First Up: Cooler Master Silent Pro 500 Watt

PSU Roundup: Performance, Price, Efficiency

The Silent Pro series from Cooler Master consists of three models ranging from 500 watts to 700 watts. For our test, Cooler Master sent its 500 watt offering.

Unlike competing PSUs, the Silent Pro power supplies includes its own form of cable management—you’ll immediately notice the flat black cables, which are much easier to tuck out of the way than the thinner, rounded bundles typical of high-end PSUs.

At first glance, the cables appear unexciting, but they offer tremendous advantages: to begin, the cords are extremely flexible and allow you to connect devices without putting tension on the cords, which would then also put pressure on the ports. This innovation eliminates the common concern about SATA power connectors when attaching hard drives using power supplies with stiff cords.

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