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Model Comparison Table

Part 2: Four Cheap 80 PLUS Bronze Power Supplies, Reviewed
Overview: Efficient Budget PSUs, Part II
MakeCooler MasterCorsairGigabyteSeasonic
ModelSilent Pro M2 520WCX500Greenmax Plus 450WSSR-360GP
Certification80 PLUS Bronze80 PLUS Bronze80 PLUS Bronze80 PLUS Gold
Dimensions (BxTxH)5.9” x 6.4” x 3.4”5.9” x 5.5” x 3.4”5.9” x 5.5” x 3.4”5.9” x 5.5” x 3.4”
Gewicht5 lbs.
4.8 lbs.
3.7 lbs.
4 lbs.
Operating Temperature
104°F max.
5 Years
3 Years3 Years5 Years
Technical Specification
SpecificationATX12V v2.3ATX12V v2.3ATX12V v2.31ATX12V v2.3
Nominal Power
520 W500 W450 W360 W
Maximum Power
580 W550 W550 WN/A
AC Input100-240 V100-240 V100-240 V100-240 V
AC Voltage SelectionAuto voltageAuto voltageAuto voltageAuto voltage
DC Output +3.3 V20 A25 A21 A12 A
DC Output +5 V22 A20 A20 A16 A
DC Output +12 V (#1)40 A38 A25 A30 A
DC Output +12 V (#2)N/AN/A25 AN/A
DC Output +12 V (#3)N/AN/AN/AN/A
DC Output +12 V (#4)N/AN/AN/AN/A
DC Output -12 V0.3 A0.8 A0.5 A0.3 A
DC Power +12 V Combined480 W456 W378 W360 W
Specified Hold-Up Time> 17 ms 8.4 ms>16 ms>17 ms
MTBF100,000 hours100,000 hours 100,000 hours 150,000 hours
Main Fan
135 mm120 mm120 mm120 mm
Speed of Main Fan
Up to 1800 RPMUp to 1632 RPM1800 RPM500-1900 RPM
Aux. Fan
Speed of Aux. Fan
Cables and Connectors
20+4 pin Motherboard1x (22")1x (24")1x (22")1x (22")
CPU1x (24")1x (26")1x (22")1x (24")
PCI Express 6-pin/6+2-pin (Graphics)0/2x (24")0/2x (24" - 30")0/1x (18")1/0x (26")
Molex 4-pin (Peripherals)5x (20" - 31")4x (16" - 26")3x (18" - 30")3x (18" - 26")
SATA Power6x (20" - 31")5x (16" - 30")5x (18" - 30")4x (18" - 24")
4-pin Floppy1x (35")1x (35")1x (30")2x (31")
Special Features
AccessoriesScrewsScrews, Cable TiesN/AScrews, Velcro Strips, Cable Ties
Cable Management
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