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Hiper Type R MK II 680 Watt

Power Supply Roundup: Part II

Hiper sent us the MK2, the second generation of its Type R power supplies to take part in our test. Unlike the earlier models, the one is no longer fitted with modular connection cables; the attractive metal screw connectors are a thing of the past. But it is still sold in the traditional manner, in a practical plastic box. With its reflective surfaces and perforated sheets, the power supply makes a good visual impression.

A highlight here is the USB ports on the power supply. These effectively make the power supply a USB hub as well, so it is able to supply a full 500 mA of current to any USB port. For the USB ports on the motherboard, this power is limited to a single root hub. The USB data cables, on the other hand, are connected through to the motherboard. An additional USB port is available as a power supply-only (without the data function) and can supply up to 1 A current, making it ideal for charging a cell phone or connecting USB mug warmers or other passive "USB toys."

Technically, the power supply is very impressive, with all voltages constantly within tolerances. Hiper has clearly learned from its past mistakes.

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