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Power Supply Roundup: Part II

The Hiper achieves a good efficiency level at half load of 87%, while under full load it is a respectable 85%. If the load is reduced, the level of efficiency also drops. At low load, it is a slim 83.5%, while at a load of 250 watts it is still 84%. The efficiency becomes poor when it comes to our Low Power Test: 65% is not as good as we’d like to see here.

In standby mode, the energy consumption is relatively high. Without load, the power supply draws 1.63 watts from the main power source, and with a load of 2.50 watts, the power supply draws some 5.93 watts. This high consumption is probably a result of the integrated USB hub.

The 680 W Type R MK II watts can be purchased for around $150.

Hiper Type R MK II
Hiper brings new innovations to the power supply market; its integrated USB interfaces offer interesting capabilities.
  • Positive
  • Negative
    • Integrated USB hub
    • Additional USB power supply
    • High efficiency under full and partial loads
    • Low efficiency in standby

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