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Gaming Performance

PowerColor PCS+ R9 290X Review: Cool, Quiet, And Priced Right

Test System and Benchmarks

We ran four carefully selected benchmarks at the highest quality settings, then normalized and added the individual results, which yields a performance index for each card.

Intel Core i7-4930K (Ivy Bridge-E), Overclocked to 4 GHz
Asus Rampage IV Black Edition, X79 Express
32 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-2133
Enermax TLC 240 Closed-Loop Liquid Cooler
1 x 512 GB Samsung 840 Pro
Power Supply:
Corsair AX860i
Operating System:
Windows 8.1
AMD Catalyst 14.2 Beta
Nvidia GeForce 334.89
Metro Last Light
Bioshock Infinite
Battlefield 4 (Single-Player)
Crysis 3 DX11

Performance Rating

In order to achieve realistic and comparable results, we heat up the cards prior to benchmarking, subjecting them to a 3D load that takes their GPU temperatures up to a steady state. This creates a level playing field for factory-overclocked cards.

PowerColor's card delivers impressive results, placing third behind the higher-clocked MSI R9 290X Lightning and HIS R9 290X IceQ X². Differences between the cards are small though, and almost certainly not worth a $100 difference to enthusiasts better-served putting that money into a larger SSD or faster processor.

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