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OCZ Z Series Z1000M: Measurements

Three 1000 W 80 PLUS Gold-Certified Power Supplies Tested
By , Patrick Afschar

Efficiency in accordance with the 80 PLUS specification

Efficiency, based on performance profiles

The part about expecting a bit more applies to the energy efficiency measurements as well: the OCZ Z1000M misses two of the 80 PLUS Gold certification minimum values in our tests. It is one percentage point short of the target at a 50% load, and two percentage points off at a 100% load.

The PSU performs quite well overall, though, particularly since its efficiency does not decrease very much at low loads. The ripple test values are outside the specification on the 3.3 V rail, though the standards are easily met on the 12 V and 5 V rails.

The PSU package sports an EuP-ready logo, and rightly so, according to our measurements. There are no abnormalities in the other tests. The temperature-controlled fan does its job very quietly and the temperature increase under load is a low 8°C. The fan also continues running for a while after turning off the computer.

The bottom line is looking quite good for the OCZ PSU and its single-rail design. It fulfills the highest standards when it comes to pure 12 V rail performance, though a slight hiccup in energy efficiency and ripple/noise have to be noted.

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