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Sparkle GW-EPS1250DA: Measurements

Three 1000 W 80 PLUS Gold-Certified Power Supplies Tested
By , Patrick Afschar

Efficiency in accordance with the 80 PLUS specification

Efficiency, based on performance profiles

The 1250 W Sparkle PSU fails rather badly in the 80 PLUS Gold certification tests: all limits are missed by one to two percentage points. Even taking measurement tolerances into account cannot explain such a result. In short, it cannot quite keep up with the two other competitors in the energy efficiency department. Its efficiency does not drop as much as the Rosewill Lightning-1000 at low loads, though. But then again, it just barely misses the EuP 1 W limit too.

The Sparkle GW EPS1250DA is a PSU that can talk the talk, but not quite walk the walk. Its high performance and interesting details, such as its C20 16 A power connector and multi-rail design, do not protect it from avoidable mistakes.

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