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Test Configuration, Holdup-Time, Inrush Current, Peak, And Short Circuit Tests

Three 1000 W 80 PLUS Gold-Certified Power Supplies Tested
By , Patrick Afschar
Test Hardware
AC SourceChroma Programmable AC Source 6530
Power MeterYokogawa WT210 Digital Power Meter
Loads4 x 600 W Chroma 63306 for 12 V testing
4 x 300 W Chroma 63303 for 5 and 3.3 V testing
using Chroma HighSpeed- DC Load Mainframes 6334 
OscilloscopeTektronix DPO3034 Digital Phosphore Oscilloscope (300 MHz)
Test Procedure
Voltages110 and 230 V
Standby Power0.25 A fixed current to simulate PC standby power
on 5 Vsb
80 PLUS Efficiency Testing100/50/20% load, relative to specified total output
Load distribution across 12/5/3.3V rails at the same proportion as specified for 100%
testing at 110 V according to ATX 2.3 specification
Efficiency at Fixed Loads25, 50, 85, 300, 500 W loads
Load distribution across 12/5/3.3 V rails at the same proportion as specified for 100%
Peak Load Test110% Overload Testing at maximum combined 12 V
Temperature TestAir intake vs. Outtake temperature delta
tracking highest delta during all tests

Holdup-Time, Inrush Current, Peak And Shoirt Circuit Tests

Short Circuit Protection Test (12 V)
Test Passed
OCZ Z1000M (115 V)yes
OCZ Z1000M (230 V)yes
Rosewill Lightning-1000 (115 V)yes
Rosewill Lightning-1000 (230 V)yes
Sparkle GW-EPS1250DA (115 V)yes
Sparkle GW-EPS1250DA (230 V)yes
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