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Who's Who In Power Supplies: Brands, Labels, And OEMs
By , Tom's Hardware Community

We want to stress two things in particular:

A PSU is not necessarily bad because it is cheap. But the lower the price, the more you'll likely have to skimp on safety and performance features. A high-quality PSU contains more expensive components. If you buy cheap, you might have to buy twice--or more.

A PSU is not automatically inferior because it was made by a contractor with which you aren't familiar. These companies make all kinds of products, from luxury brands to pure garbage. Again, it's a question of hitting different production targets. Is the product built for quality or aggressive cost reduction? The responsibility always lies with the buyer to recognize and reject products that are obviously unsuitable.

We will keep collecting data and update this list every once in a while, and we’d love to include your findings. Please use our feedback form to forward information that isn’t available in our listing!

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