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G.Skill RipjawsZ F3-19200CL9Q-16GBZHD

Four High-End Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory Kits For X79, Reviewed

With a model number that’s easy to decipher but difficult to remember, G.Skill’s PC-19200 CL 9 quad-channel kit is the only 16 GB set in today’s round-up to carry a DDR3-2400 rating.

G.Skill says that, apart from its XMP profile, this is the same hardware as found in its DDR3-2200 kit. That made it the perfect product for a surreptitious appearance in our recent X79 motherboard round-up, where it was used as the second set for eight-DIMM overclocking tests.

We were happy to see G.Skill’s DDR3-2400 automatically configured at DDR3-1600, but a little disappointed that JEDEC’s slowest CAS 11 timings were used. While it is possible that G.Skill was simply seeking the ultimate compatibility, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a “performance” motherboard that didn’t support DDR3-1600 CAS 9 at 1.50 V.

Boards that can’t use DDR3-1600 by default will find lower SPD values, while those that support XMP will configure the correct DDR3-2400 timings using Profile 1 from UEFI. CPU-Z misreports that value as a data rate of 2286 MHz, but our motherboard had no problem reading it correctly.

G.Skill memory includes a lifetime warranty.

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