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Benchmark Results

Radeon 4870: Does It Matter Who Made Yours?

3DMark Vantage

Rather than execute the entire benchmark, which also measures CPU performance, we ran only the GPU and Feature tests. All test options except resolution (which we changed to 1920x1200) were left at their default values.

Far Cry 2

We measured Far Cry 2 performance using the built-in benchmarking tool. Screen resolution was set to 1920x1200, anti-aliasing was set to 4x, and all options were set to their highest values (either High or Very High).

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

We measured frame rates using a saved game and FRAPS. Screen resolution was set to 1920x1200 with 4x AA and Render Sky enabled, and all detail levels were set to High.

Unreal Tournament 3

We measured frame rates using the UT3 Benchmark tool in DirectX 10 mode. We used the Defiance level with 12 bots and texture and level details set to five. We set the game’s screen resolution to 1920x1200. Brightness and field of view were left at their default values; reduced gore, subtitles, and hardware physics were all unchecked; and texture detail and world detail were set to Max. V-sync was disabled.

World in Conflict

We used the game’s built-in benchmarking tool to measure frame rates with the game set to a resolution of 1920x1200. We used 4x anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, turned on all features, and set all quality values to High or Very High.

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