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Benchmark Results: Tom Clancy’s EndWar

Radeon HD 5770, Radeon HD 4890, And GeForce GTX 275 Overclocked

EndWar also builds on an improved Unreal 3 Engine. The game is not really ideal as a benchmark, since its frame rate is capped at 30 FPS by a limiter. While this is not unusual in current real-time strategy games, it makes choosing a good (and recent) benchmark game from this genre a tad difficult.

During testing, the frame rate actually dipped below the 30 fps mark in the Kopenhagen replay. The only solution was to turn off anti-aliasing at 1920x1200. While this is a good fix for gamers, it’s not helpful as a benchmark, since it leads to identical results and a benchmark run that is all but meaningless. The GeForce 9800 GTX+/GTS 250 sits right on the border here, coming in at 29.95 FPS (rounded up to 30). The Radeon HD 4770 and 4830 score lowest but still come in at 29 FPS at 1920x1200 without AA. The rest of the field could theoretically offer a few more frames per second, but is cut off at 30 FPS.

We get a better impression of the cards‘ performance with anti-aliasing enabled, since the replay can now put a strain even the more powerful models. Future graphics chips will surely hit the 30 fps barrier more often. Thus, we should understand this result as a guarantee for smooth game play. The delta is quite pronounced towards the end of the chart. Here, if a card falls behind by 10 percent, it translates into a 30 percent performance delta. As before, we chose the highest quality setting available in the game, High.

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