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Results: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

AMD Radeon HD 7730 Review: A Harbinger Of The Kaveri APU?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and its expansions continue entertaining PC gamers, so we want to see how the title plays if you're limited to lower-end discrete graphics hardware. Let's have a look at 1920x1080, using the High detail preset, and with 2x MSAA/FXAA enabled.

The Radeon HD 7730s do well, and the GDDR5-equipped model tops the 30 FPS minimum frame rate we were looking for. It's only outdone by AMD's Radeon HD 7750.

Each contender rises and falls in unison with the workload we apply. They're differentiated by performance of course, with roughly half of the field nosing up over 30 FPS and the others simply too slow for a satisfying experience.

Even though they're not the slowest cards in our Skyrim comparison, the Radeon HD 6670s really struggle to get subsequent frames in a consistent manner, and in the very worst cases, you see a ton of variance between frames, leading to untimely stutters. The 7730s turn in significantly better numbers.

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