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Benchmark Results: Sandra 2012

AMD Radeon HD 7950 Review: Up Against GeForce GTX 580

Our first Sandra 2012 chart measures 32-bit floating-point and 64-bit double performance. More ALUs and higher clock rates earn the Radeon HD 7970 a first-place finish here, followed by the dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990. It’s quite impressive, then, that the less expensive, cooler, and more power-friendly Radeon HD 7950 does as well as we observe. The 7950’s double-precision performance is roughly three times higher than Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 580.

The bandwidth chart measures two things: throughput between the GPU and memory (blue bars) and transfer rate between the GPU and host over PCI Express.

Presumably, Sandra is counting the bandwidth of both GPUs in aggregate as it reports the numbers for AMD’s Radeon HD 6990 and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 590. Both Radeon HD 7900-series cards follow closely in third and fourth place, though.

The data transfer bandwidth results are a little harder to discern next to the big memory bars. However, it’s quite clear that the cards with second-gen interfaces are stuck around 6 GB/s or thereabout, while both Radeon HD 7900-series boards are able to exceed 9 GB/s by virtue of PCI Express 3.0.

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