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Benchmark Results: A/V Encoding And Productivity

Asus And DFI: Core i7 Micro-ATX Motherboards Compared

The Rampage II Gene takes a big win in Apple iTunes format conversion. This type of leadership is so unusual that we re-tested while keeping an eye on clock speed, yet never saw the motherboard exceed its default 0.20% overclock.

More typical of our expectations, Lame MP3 encoding shows identical performance between different motherboard models.

The Rampage II Gene leads TMPGEnc video conversion slightly, while the full-sized P6T takes the prize in Mainconcept.

A dead heat in 3ds Max is once again typical of our previous expectations.

Yet typical results are the exception for the Rampage II Gene, as it again edges out competitors in AVG virus scans.

Both Asus motherboards edge out DFI in our file compression suite.

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