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Rampage III Extreme Utilities

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Local Software

BIOS-based CPU Level Up overclock settings can also be changed from within Windows.

Asus TurboV Evo accesses most BIOS overclock settings from within Windows.

Asus PC Probe II has grown to include more sensors, with alarm settings to notify distracted overclockers of any problems.

Remote Software

Many overclockers prefer to use the BIOS GUI because it doesn’t require a program that consumes resources or that might otherwise be the cause of a crash, while others like the ability of Windows overclocking programs to change settings without rebooting. Asus RC TweakIt fills the gap by using the Windows installation of a second PC (or notebook) to change the BIOS adjustments of a running Rampage III Extreme motherboard.

Running on a second PC, RC TweakIt adds temperature and fan-speed monitoring to the features found in TurboV.

RC Poster reports Rampage III Extreme system status to the second PC when the instant boot is initiated. RC Remote allows the motherboard to be started, reset, or shut down from a second PC, while RC BIOS Flashback allows the BIOS to be updated from a second PC.

Overclocking profiles can be created and stored from a second PC in the same way as provided by O.C. Profile in the BIOS.

RC Diagram provides graphical logging for several of the Rampage III Extreme’s key functions, again through a separate PC.

While we don’t see having a second PC around just for tuning the Rampage III Extreme as a practical solution in most environments, it could save a lot of time and effort in time-limited competitions, such as our previous event.

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