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X58 To The Max: Three New Flagship LGA 1366 Motherboards

Gigabyte’s M.I.T. menu has become a home page for several submenus that contain actual settings. A few key frequency and temperature readings can be found at the bottom, while the “Current Status” submenu goes into added detail.

The advanced frequency menu adds drive strength and clock skew to otherwise ordinary frequency and ratio controls, while the advanced memory menu below acts as a launching point for even more submenus.

Using the “Quick” setting for “DRAM Timing Selectable” allows all channels to be configured simultaneously, with the “Auto” option available for individual timings.

The “Advanced Voltage Settings” offers adjustments for the majority of CPU and chipset features, including DRAM termination and reference-voltage levels.

Up to eight configurations can be saved as custom-named user profiles. The X58A-UD9 also remembers the settings used for previous boots, in case you forgot to save your last good settings.

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