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Image Quality: Radeon Versus GeForce + 3D Vision

Resident Evil 5: Demo Performance Analyzed

We scrutinized both GeForce and Radeon screen captures, and from what we can tell, there's no difference of note:

This is our favorite conclusion when comparing graphics cards because it means that, regardless of the hardware, users will have a consistent experience.

Editor's Note: 3D Vision

The GeForce 3D Vision kit we have is in our Bakersfield, California lab, so Don didn't have the opportunity to check this title out with 3D Vision enabled. Resident Evil 5 is, however, considered one of the GeForce 3D Vision-Ready titles thanks to close cooperation between Nvidia and the game's developers.

We set the benchmark up on a Core i5-750-based machine with a GeForce GTX 260 and Nvidia's IR transceiver. As expected, the game looked great with GeForce 3D Vision enabled, though we didn't see any out-of-screen effects. This is something we've been waiting for from 3D Vision-enabled titles and still haven't witnessed yet (though we haven't tested on the full version of the game). There is a notable performance impact that comes from turning 3D Vision on, and we'll get into that shortly.

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