SATA Hard Drive with a Kick: Western Digital's Raptor Put to the Test

Technical Data: Western Digital Raptor

Clearly recognizable are the cooling fins on the side of the drive. These are featured in all high-speed SCSI models, where they permit increased heat dissipation due to the enlarged surface area.
Model WD360 Maxtor Atlas 10K.4
Capacity 36.7 GB 36.7 GB
73.4 GB
146.8 GB
Rotation speed 10,000 U/Min 10,000 U/Min
Seek time 5.2 ms 4.3 ms
Interface Serial ATA Ultra320 SCSI
Cache memory 8 MB 8 MB
Error rate < 1 bei 1015 Bit < 1 bei 1015 Bit
Start-Stop cycles > 20,000 ?
Warranty 5 years 5 years

Unmistakably Western Digital: experts will recognize the sticker with the company logo and type designation using the known nomenclature.
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