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Benchmark Results: Synthetic

Shuttle XS29F: Is VIA's Nano Processor Powerful Enough?

The desktop Celeron leads widely in PCMark’s Memories photographic suite, while the Atom’s dual cores take the win in Productivity. With both a low clock speed and a single core, the Nano U1700 is outclassed.

Sandra Arithmetic has scaled almost perfectly to the number of cores available in previous reviews, so the closeness of Celeron 430 single-core and Atom 330 dual-core results indicates the extra power of the Celeron’s underlying technology.

Though the Celeron falls behind in interger and floating point calcutions, its double-precision floating point calculations are much better than that of the dual-core Atom. This is also a place where, clock-for-clock, the single-core Nano performs well.

All three platforms provide similar drive controller performance.

Celeron 430 beats both low-energy platforms in memory performance with all three systems configured to single-channel mode.

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