SiS Kicks Off: 10 Motherboards With The 645 Chipset and DDR333

Soltek SL-85DRS2

Board Revision: ?

BIOS Version: 1.4 (5. January 2002)

Soltek's SiS645 motherboard is called SL-85DRS2 and comes without sophisticated features. However, there's plenty of basic hardware: 6 PCI slots, 3 DIMM sockets, AGP 4x, an AC97 sound system, 3 fan headers and a total of 4 USB ports are ready to be used.

Included is a temperature sensor of about 10 cm in length. After connecting it to the motherboard, it can be placed onto any component you want in order monitor its temperature. In addition, the following software is bundled: PC Cillin 2000, Virtual Drive, Partition Magic 6.0 and Drive Image 4.0. Of course there is also a driver CD and a set of cables. Soltek is the only company that also includes a manual for the bundled software, which should be helpful for less-experienced users.

Although the performance of this motherboard is average, we were pleased to see that Soltek sticks exactly to the clock speed specified by Intel: our test CPU ran at exactly 2 GHz.

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