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Power, Temperature, And Noise Benchmarks

Three Slim Atom/Ion 2-Based Nettop PCs Compared

The ASRock Core 100HT-BD might show twice the CPU performance as the Atom solutions, but it shows twice the power usage in many scenarios, too.

With its GPU integrated in the CPU packaging, ASRock's Core 10HT-BD demonstrates lower temperatures in GPU-specific tasks, but CPU temperatures are higher than the Atom-equipped nettops. The Zotac ZBOX seems to have higher temperatures than its contemporaries, which is surprising when you consider its cooler appears beefier than the rest of the Atom/Ion 2 competitors.

In the CPU noise tests ASRock's Core 100HT-BD is relatively quiet at idle, but the Intel Core i3-330M CPU demands a lot from its cooling fan under load. All of the Atom/Ion 2 solutions remain quiet under CPU load, but get louder when the GPU cranks up.

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