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Building With The MSI Ravager

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Though it uses many of the same parts, changes in the MSI Ravager drive bay configuration allow it to support longer add-in cards than its Stealth counterpart.

MSI cleans up its cable bundle by eliminating the AC'97 audio lead connector and relying on the HD Audio capabilities of modern motherboards.

Similarities between the Ravager and Stealth allow MSI to provide identical installation kits. Owners can also proudly wear the included MSI dog tag.

The Ravager’s hard drive trays slide open to fit pins into 3.5” drives, while 2.5” drives screw directly to its base. Swinging optical drive latches are similarlycarried over from the Stealth.

Our oversized motherboard partially blocks the Ravager’s access holes, forcing us to run several of our cables around the edge of the tray. This is made possible by removing the center cage.

Well-ventilated panels promise excellent cooling performance from MSI’s low-cost Ravager.

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