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Temperature, Noise, And Acoustic Efficiency

The Final Five: Gaming Cases Between $80 And $120, Rounded-Up

In Win’s Buc makes a surprise appearance at the top of our thermal performance chart, followed by Corsair’s more quality-oriented 400R. In stark contrast to the Buc, the poor cooling performance of Antec’s Solo II belies its superb build quality.

We looked forward to the Solo II placing at the top of our noise suppression chart, since it's a member of Antec's Sonata family, which prioritizes quiet computing. Corsair’s 400R takes second place once again, hinting at a potential winning cooling-to-noise ratio.

Corsair doesn't secure that big win, however, because the Buc's cooling performance is far greater than its noise suppression. The 400R takes second place, which still isn't bad.

The Antec Solo II is noticeably quieter than other cases. But its poor thermal performance puts it quite a ways below the second-to-last finisher in our acoustic efficiency metric.

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